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FCNcare uses your voice and Amazon Alexa – even on your smartphone – to connect with your care team at Family Care Network.

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Your medical information is safe.

Getting help

Todd is here to support you during every step of your journey with FCNcare.


This is a trial period with FCNcare. The trial period will allow us to assess how well the tool meets your needs.


Your feedback about FCNcare is crucial. We want to make sure that any product we provide works for you.

Frequently asked questions

Should I be concerned about the safety of my medical information?

With FCNcare, there’s no need to worry.
FCNcare protects your private information and keeps your data safe.
FCNcare is fully compliant with federal regulations – such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) – that protects your privacy as a patient.

What devices work with FCNcare?

• Amazon smart speakers
• Smartphone with Alexa app installed

Can I provide feedback about FCNcare?

Yes! We want to make sure FCNcare meets your needs and delivers the experience you have grown to expect at Family Care Network.
Your feedback is valuable, and we’ll use it to improve FCNcare for you and our other patients.

Where can I go for updates about FCNcare?

Updates will be available at www.fcncare.com

Who should I contact with questions or feedback about FCNcare?

Contact Todd McClain with questions or feedback.
Phone: 909.717.4136
E-mail: todd@FCNcare.com

Don’t see the answer to your FCNcare question here?

E-mail todd@FCNcare.com
For questions not related to FCNcare, please contact your clinic directly.

Family Care Network takes care of you through all ages and stages of life. FCNcare is a powerful way to stay connected with our practice.

Meet Todd

Your FCNcare Expert

Todd McClain

FCNcare Expert

Originally from Riverside, California, Todd McClain has a passion for health, fitness, animals, and making the world a better place. Todd will help you with FCNcare, a voice-based application working on Amazon smart speakers and smartphones. FCNcare – that helps you connect with your care team more easily.

by CardioCube

Why we exist?

Family Care Network is a test site for FCNcare by CardioCube.

FCNcare uses your voice and Amazon Alexa to help patients with common healthcare activities such as completing forms and scheduling appointments.

CardioCube is a technology company that is dedicated to bringing healthcare home by fundamentally changing how patients interface with healthcare.

Thank you for your interest in FCNcare. Your participation will help build a technology that fosters an innovative, convenient healthcare experience for our patients.